how to design ID cards for 5000 employees


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hi all,

recently i got a project. we have to design employee identity cards for nearly 8000 employees. they gave me an ms access database file. the card contains data both sides. what would be the best design strategy for this kind of job. should i follow a static method (copying the data and pasting it in each card) or any best way to do this. previously i used to setup ups in indesign and pasting data of every employee in it ! for 400 to 500 cards i find this method will be okay! but for such a huge amount of cards i dont think this will be feasible.

any replies will be helpful!

thank you
Datamerge in InDesign - check it out! Google, there will be tut. Basically, you can set up your design and merge all your info into it in the right places at the click of a mouse, and it will create all 8,000 for you from your one:icon_smile:. Good luck!
I'd recommend bosses 1st link as I've followed that tutorial and it is very good and easy to understand.
This may be possible using XMPIE and InDesign. We use this for our variable data applications and you could create print ready PDF files by using this tool. Could create some pretty hefty files though so you may want to break it up. I guess trial and error.