How to create this "twist" effect?


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Can anyone please help?

I'm looking to design a "twist" effect for a lanyard design, where colour 1 "twists" into colour 2. Is this possible in Photoshop?

My background is in photography, not graphic design: I've had a dabble using the warp tool, but can't get anything like this. I'm not quite sure at all how to draw the requisite curves. Even a line drawing would help, allowing me to make the requisite selections.

Thanks in advance....



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Have your colours set as foreground and background. Use magic wand to select both areas, then use gradient tool to 'spread' your colours across the whole area.

You'll need to draw the outlines first of course.


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Sorry, didn't see the bit about not being able to do the lines either. There are numerous ways of doing this in Ai or even Ps, but you will need to get using some of the tools
at your disposal, notably the pen tool in Ai.


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Yes, it's the how to draw that in Photoshop that I'm having the issue with. I have (unused) Illustrator too, which I gather might be the better program for this.
Ah ok. Illustrator would be better as it is vector based. Meaning you can resize withoutlosing quality.

There's quite a few tutorials around on how to use the pen tool.

Best bet is a months free membership on linkedin learning.

Wont take a month obviously. But you can learn Illustrator and photoshop techniques, and whatever else you want for thag month.