how to create a digital brochure mockup?


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hi there,

i am working on an updated portfolio at the moment and want to give some of my 2d printed work a bit of a 3d kick without the costs of hiring a photographer.

does anyone know of any tutorials to produce decent 3d mockups?

ideally one for a 2 fold a4 brochure, but also business cards, websites etc would be useful.


Great looking portfolio

You can probably find reasonably priced easy to use 3D software that will do mocksup for you. I found one for books, boxes and what not once at a great price, I'm sure you can find the same for brochures etc.

I wouldn't mind that myself actually, I always think mine look rubbishy and flat in my portfolio! :)

I remember there was a set of photoshop actions to put your artwork on packaging and stuff. I'll look for the name and let you know asap.
I purchased BoxShot it's brilliant and fair priced.

There's a free version of it sorry can't find a link right now