How to achieve this design


This will be a simple question for some but I really would love to know how to achieve this style of laying out a website (link below, appologies if this is not allowed but I have no other way of explaining)

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What I am interested in is the way the seperate backgrounds are put in place ...for example, there is a small-heighted dark width at the top, followed by the bulkier green patterned background which sits behind the logo/nav

Is it as easy as setting width to "auto" on a number of div tags and setting different background images for each div in css?

I'm guessing there is an easier, more elegant way of doing it?
Could somebody please help to explain how?

I have tried to google tutorials but I am unsure of what to actually type as I obviously have no idea what the method is called or if this even is a taught/learnt 'method' ..I'm guessing it could be php? again no idea, My knowledge is limited to HTML/CSS as I learn more

thank you, I appreciate it
I'd just portion each area of the site up with a 100% width 'wrapper' class with the desired image set as a background through a CSS ID. Then create an 'inner-wrapper' class that has a fixed width to hold your content areas and apply that to each section.
Thanks Corrosive,

I was thinking that myself, but for some reason something was telling me theres a more fancy way of doing it and I just had to find out!