How quickly do use guys normally need your print


Hey Guys/Gals

Just wondering out of curiosity (In all honesty I'm looking into providing a 24hr turnover service) how quickly do use normally need your print?

24hr turnover - 3-5 days - or up to 8 working days to save on the penny's ?

Personally I think 3-5 days is good, rushing litho jobs to dispatch within such a small time frame only leads to quality problems and jobs bouncing back. Speed isn't everything.
Generally not keen on anything that happens that quickly (apart from takeaway food or public transport!) and like to think that a job that takes a few days would mean a bit more time and care has been taken.
There is obviously a need for 'emergency' turnaround for certain panic jobs, but I'd say 5 working days is a reasonable timescale.
As a reseller, I'll give the client the following:

You can have it:

1. Fast
2. Cheap
3. Good

You can have any two of the above at the same time. End of story.

Being the fastest out there is grand, but you need to be aware that this makes you the last resort for most people. As in: "I fucked up (which means I'm probably not very good at what I'm doing), so now I'm going to go with someone that will deliver in time despite the fact that I've not left enough time for the job to be done right. Then I'll blame the supplier for the inevitable cock up!"

I would insert an evil laugh here, but it seems redundant.

In my experience, 90% of people looking for next day are problem clients. The other 10% are good eggs in a bind, but you'll know who they are already. There's no need to offer next day if your competitors aren't, just go for good prices, quality and customer service.
I would only go local and digital (which I can do mostly in-house) for next day.

Just at the moment quoting for someone who wants 500 4pp A4 4/4 leaflets produced instantly... they are meant to be in London tomorrow on an overnight courier. We are up to quote 4 (various options - wirobound, stitched, etc) and it ain't going to happen for tomorrow! Suddenly when faced with paying a sensible price for a rush job the time will stretch and tomorrow will become sometime next week!!!
We are just looking into it just now. Most of the time people either want it cheap or fast and we aint to bad for price just now so i dont think a next day service will do us harm just a nightmare having to bulid a hole other part to the site haha.
Hey isoPrint, for what you are printing you probably don't want to be doing pretty much same day turnaround anyway? You need to be getting as many different versions of leaflets printing together on a sheet as you can. You almost want 3 days to collate orders, 1 day print and finish and 1 day despatch. Unless you are being flooded with orders on daily basis?
It really does vary on the project. We always try to fit with the clients schedule - in practice does depend on client sign-off speed. 1 hour - 6 days typically.
Agree with the others. I'd rather have print done right, first time and wait a bit longer/pay a bit extra for the 'privilege' :icon_wink: