How much would you pay for this Bakery logo? (Honest) Answers please


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Hi! I recently made a bakery business logo, it would be great if you could give constructive feedback and criticism also how much you would pay for it.
If I'm honest.... I wouldn't even pay a pound for it. Why would I? I'm a web developer not a baker!

You seem to be approaching the idea of branding from completely ludicrous stand point. Branding isn't creating a 'logo' and then finding a business to sell it to. It's working with a business to redevelop or strengthen their brand based on their specific needs and budget.
How much time spent on it?
How many meetings with clients?
How many rounds of revisions?

I wouldn't pay anything for it, I'd be able to create my own better version.
I would want this completely redesigned from scratch, if not I would not want to pay a penny for it. If I required a logo, this would not be of any use to me, as it isn't really a logo in it's current state.
This is a question id really like to hear the question too. just some examples of logos and prices, can anyone do that of their own work?

Ive just finished my first year so im not a designer yet but is the brown ring a coffee mark? looks like something for a cafe rather than a bakery.