How much to charge?


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I work as a full time designer, I recently started do some small freelance jobs outside work. I often not sure how to charge a design job, for example, I have been asked to convert a 10 page HTML site to Wordpress site, the site includes jquery slide show, contact form and login page, my hour rate is about £22/hour, but client need a fixed fee, how much should I charge for this job?

Your advice will be appreciated.
Hi there, welcome to the forum.

Just estimate how many hours you think it'll take to do the job and times it by your hourly rate?
^ What he said.

Nobody can really tell you what to charge, you just have to work it out yourself. Sometimes you'll underestimate, but just be sure to learn from it.

Remember to always add an extra hour or two to the price to take into account little fiddly jobs that always seem to crop up, and take into account client revisions when estimating. It's no good setting a fixed price for a job if the client drags it out beyond what you'd estimated. It might be worth capping the revisions at a particular number and stating it in your contract to prevent this. Just be sure to point it out to the client before you start the job.
Also take into account the amount of time spent exchanging emails and phonecalls with clients. Something I always forget!