How much to charge a charity?


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Hi everyone

I have been asked to design a logo for a local branch of a national charity. How much should I charge? They have indicated they have little money. Should this influence the amount of time and effort I put into the work? Do they have full copyright over the image and if so could they use it nationally if the charity liked it?

All advice appreciated! :icon_smile:
Charities are businesses just like any other and their main goal is to make money. only difference (as im sure ur aware) is that they give away their profits. If you feel that youre in a position to give away your profits by doing the work cheap then thats great but youve got to bear in mind that charities do have running costs and a pot of money to pay these costs (just like everyone else in business) and they should have factored in artworking, printing etc... if they knew it would be needed.
If you can afford to give them a disount give them it, but if you're busy, well business is business as they say.

If you're feeling really flush do it for free!! It will probably make you feel great!

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Don't do it for free. Charities aren't all as poor as you might think, and most are run as proper businesses with a marketing budget. One thing you can do is knock off the VAT - if they're registered, they won't have to pay it, and neither will you.
We have previously done work for a charity and we charged them the exact same amount that we would charge anyone else. As a charity they we're entitled to public funding i.e Government & Lottery. They submitted a funding bid for the amount they needed and spent the money as stated in the funding bid.

You should check with the charity that you are working with to see if they would be entitled to funding of this nature, that way you don't have to feel as though you should knock your prices down for them.
We tend to charge market rate - unless we have an association with the charity.

Often - charities are in a position to give you great publicity, this has worked well for us on a massive number of occasions.
Most charities do have the budget and probably expect to pay. Unless they are very small we charge as usual.
I've heard that one way of doing it is to charge normal rates and donate it back. That way you can write it off your tax as a donation and they get to put some of their own budget into their donation bucket.
I'm sure you'll find that they pay themselves a decent salary. You shouldn't let it impact yours when you don't even work full time for them.
The kudos for helping a charity should be sufficient cost especially if you add your credits or they get some PR from the product/promotion item.
Or charge a little less than market value, but insist that you can handle their marketing material and web design projects that may be upcoming.