How much for this package?


Hi again!

I've been asked to design the following:

- Logo
- Letterheads/Business Cards with different names x 3/Compliment Slips
- DL leaflet/brochure (tri-fold me thinks) or double sided a5 leafet
- A3 Poster
- Standard/Basic 5 page website (I'll be using WebPlus - please no lecture on this...they've provided it for me and it does have options for search engine friendliness etc)

As I've not them all together as a 'item' before, I'm not sure exactly how long it would take either, though they're not in a hurry as they wont be needed until January.

What do you think is a reasonable price for this? Obviously I'm not enormously experienced yet and don't have any rates set either! They want it billed as a set fee and not hourly (I prefer too tbh!).

They may also want pens/badges/ID cards etc doing a bit later, but they'll be based on the logo anyway so that bits not a big deal.

Any help much appreciated!
Like you, I prefer to bill things at a fixed rate - although I would throw in hourly for reviews later on in the process and so on.

I think when there's a lot in one go like this I would put it all together and then maybe discount slightly just for getting it all in one go; makes the whole figure perhaps seem less of a big hit and, in all fairness, I would welcome getting so much from one job anyway!

Looking at it, I think where the money will come in here is from the logo which will obviously be vital to the rest of the process.

I'd say between the business card design, letterhead, A3 poster and double sided A5 flyer, I'd be looking at around £175. You say the site is basic 5 page but will still need designing too I presume, so all in all perhaps a rough figure of circa £250-300 I would think to sound reasonable, though that is without knowing the specification.

So I'd suggest around £450-500ish, plus the logo on top for whatever you'd feel appropriate when bearing in mind their requirements and so on.
Thanks! I just wasn't sure how to break it down properly! The client doesn't seem too panicked about how much it could go upto (they're receiving funding for branding so it's not from their own pockets) but I still won't take the P and charge that much since it's my first project of that scale (the good girl I am :icon_sneaky:)...I really need to start crunching a few numbers now I'm actually getting bits of work more regularly.