How many Domain Names do you own?

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So how many domain names do you own?

I've been having a clear out over the past few months letting a few expire here and there, I now have around 78 (was over 100), can anybody beat that?

A lot of them are keyword related and business ideas that I want to explore one day (if I ever get time).
Not including the ones I have bought for clients, I own a grand total of.............2 and one of those I am going to let expire.
Where do you guys and gals buy yours from? I use namecheap as they were recommended to me by a friend.
123-reg here too, only for parking them though, I would NEVER use them for anything else other than that, I just change the nameservers on the ones I use.
I've used them once for hosting when I first got started, will never use them again for anything else either.