How graphic design can change the world!


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Not sure if this is the correct place in the forum for an advertisement - but I've created a stop motion animation explaining how winning the HSBC Bursary Competition will help me make my mark on the world through graphic design.

I'm beginning my degree in a few weeks, and the bursary would help me change the way I learn and better myself as a designer, and will hopefully lead me to produce designs that will influence the way the world thinks.

You can view my video here, and if you like it, please vote for me! Voting closes on the 8th of October, so share this video link with your friends and family and keep voting! The link isn't to an evil facebook application, it's just the HSBC fan page with my video on it.

Thank you!

You have a problem here in that nobody can view your video without allowing the app to access their facebook information. And I'm not gonna let it do that.
You could always take permissions away after voting, I think it's just basic information like name and location, it's the genuine HSBC page too so they won't sell your info! :)