How do you use colours/lines etc. to draw/distract the eye?


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Hey folks :icon_smile:

I'm getting a sleeve tattoo of a dragon and part of the reason is to cover some scars on my arm. The scars are lines and circles.

On one hand I should be incorporating the scars into the design e.g. a moon or yinyang to cover a circular scar and the outlines of the dragon to cover the straight scar lines.

On the other hand I want to distract the eye from these areas, because the scars might still be a little noticeable.

So you see my dilemma, but I'm sure with some clever design this can be done. :icon_smile:

I'd really appreciate if you could give me some tips on this. If you could point me to any articles and examples that would also be great.

Your tattooist is the expert. ask him/her! I would imagine that the bold colours and lots of lines that make up the scales of the dragon will be a good cover.