'How do you stop an Â' symbol appearing before every '£' sign?


I've encountered a strange problem that I cannot find a solution too, so wondering if anyone knows a solution.

I've been working on my new website and I finally got it to a stage where I uploaded it to see how well it all works.
On my services page this 'Â' symbol has appeared before every '£'. If I view my source code is shows up in there as well


<div id="poster_design_table_tab">
<table width="472" border="1">
<tr bgcolor="#77B3DC">
<th width="241" class="style9" scope="col"><a name="posters" id="posters"></a>Poster Design</th>
<th width="215" scope="col">&nbsp;</th>
<tr bgcolor="#79B2DC">
<td class="style9">Size</td>
<td class="style9">Colour Design unless specified</td>

However if I view my code in dreamweaver it does not have those 'Â' symbols. So the problem happens when I upload it to my server. I've searched around on Google and found some people with the same problem as me but no one has provided any answers.
Check your character encoding within the page, better to use codes for symbols
Also get rid of the table, it won't do you any favours, you can do the same in an unordered list and page will be quicker
Thanks for the advice but the tables are part of the visual look of the page so I don't want to remove them.
I'm still learning dreamweaver and web coding so I don't quite understand what you mean about character encoding.
Do you mean I can enter a piece of code into the source code, that will display as a £ sign instead of inserting an actual £ sign while in design view? If so, what would the code for the £ sign be?