How do you network offline?


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By searching through threads, skimming articles and reading books, they all say networking is important but I don't know where to find events that are worth going to.

So far I only have my University where I can join societies and meet fellow students. What do you do or what sort of events do you go to?
Completely agree, all i ever find are university events. have you had a look on sometimes depending on where you are you'll see someone has created a local networking group for artists.
Where are you based? There's a whole ton of networking events that I keep getting invited to up in the North East! Haven't actually been along to any. No time :(
Networking is a bit of a forced term. Most of my networking is actually quite informal and often happens through existing clients introducing me to someone over a coffee, giving me an email address, or putting someone in touch with me via email. I've never gone to an event with the intention of meeting new contacts as these events are often pretty stuffy and awkward.

If you're still at uni, absolutely get into as many studios as you can on placements and meet as many new people as you can. I recently did two days freelance at a studio I originally did an internship with, during which time I built a good relationship with the design team there. Now the senior designer even outsources some of his own freelance work to me when he's busy.
Thanks, Nativeyouth. I'll check them out and hopefully find some opportunities.

@Tony I'm in Birmingham. I'm guessing there's a lot of events but I don't know where to find them. I went through Eventbrite but it seemed so limited, it just didn't feel useful. YOu should attend one at least. Even one may turn out to be more useful than you think!

@Paul That's a good idea actually. Even though i've only really had one proper client, they are always recommending me. I want to network to meet new people anyway. I'm a people-person and getting a job is another motive down the line to be honest. I'll be sure to check out some placements!
Wow that's the sort of thing I was looking for! Soon will be time to make the next step and turn up.

Thanks guys!