How do you get the coloured light effect with Photoshop ribbon brush?


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I have created a website, but need something really eye catchy that stands out in my jquery slider.

So i downloaded the brush set for photoshop from Ribbons brushes | QBrushes - Photoshop Brushes

I am after this kind of effect for my slider > Los Angeles Web Design & SEO, Ecommerce Website Design, Web & Custom Programming i think this gives the website a great look and makes it stand out! The different slides is what im looking to do, something like this.

However in their preview on the site i dont know how to get the effect to the brush, with different colours and light effect?

Does anyone know how to do this please?

Try right clicking on the brush layer and playing around with your blending options.

I think I could achieve much the same effect with both inner and outer glow using different colours and so on.
Other people may want to post if they have more experience as I don't really do this sort of thing in photoshop
I would use the pen tool for that effected and put a glow layer effected on it and to get the colour use a gradeint and make a new layer and go over with the color/colors you want and make it layer type color. :)