How do I create this font?


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Hi All

I'm new to this forum and was just wondering if anyone can help me identify this font, or if's its not a font how I might create it in photoshop?

Font >>

Thanks in advance
Looks like Eurostile bold.

But I get the impression you're after the effect rather than the font itself.
In short: type your text, go to the layers, hold the ctrl key and click on the text layer (there's a simpler way, but I'm not sure if you're on a pc or mac), click select pixels. Then apply a gradient on a separate layer. Then you'll just need to apply a stroke to the outside of the text.

But it's more advisable to do it in Illustrator, in which case you just set your grad and stroke colours.
Yeah its eurostyle all you do if your working in indesign (prefered option) or illustrator is as follows..

Setup a new colour grad swatch like the attached, I'm guessing an orange top white middle and orange bottom, save this swatch. Next, save a blue swatch similar to the keyline.

Type text, colour it with the grad swatch, next select a keyline colour it the blue swatch, go to the swatch options change thickness, something like 1pt and select round edges.

That should about do it....