How Can I Improve My News Website Design?


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I'm working on re-designing my website - Lion - to focus more on news (links) rather than pure discussion content. How do you think, given my current design, I should go about doing this?

I notice that many of the larger social networks don't even make reference to "links" (facebook) or indeed use icons (google+). Most now promote the "share" concept; share text, links, videos, photos etc. The length of content appears to be driving this with many people posting less but more often.

This is having an impact on design with most social/news website layouts designed entirely around the "scanning" we do to consume content today.

What would you do to improve my site? What do you think we should do knowing where news is going?
I'd probably start by making the headlines/ story titles much bigger.
Thanks Paul, that's actually something that's been highlighted already. In terms of readability, i'm sure there's plenty of other things I need to look at. How do we compare to say other news websites, blogs etc? Would you use our website to read news, add content?
It's not immediately obvious what the site is for, or what I can do with it. My first impression was that it was a list of affiliate links or something.

If there was a little more explanation about how to use the site I probably would submit some content, or be selfish and link to my own blog :)

*Edit* Just registered so I can try it out :)
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