How can i even start a career in graphics?


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Im 18 years old, and have studied Graphic Design throughout school, getting a good GCSE in graphic design. I went on to college and got A levels in graphic design and Media Studies.. Now though, nobody seems to be recruiting. Local companies, and even companies throughout the county wont even offer me any shadow work or unpaid work experience just as a starting block in to the graphic design industry. Is there anything I can do to help myself?
Getting your foot in the door is the hardest part. The only advice I can offer you is to stick at it and keep building up and improving your portfolio (both your online one and your print one). If you want to link us some of your work, we can offer our advice.

Rather than asking for a placement out of the blue, try asking for half an hour to have someone look over your work and offer suggestions for improvements. Then, after your meet, ask if there's any chance of a placement. Offer to just come in for one day a week if needs be. Say you'll bring your laptop in and work quietly somewhere out of the way so they don't have to provide you with a desk. Just give them no excuse to say no (but don't be pushy).

If there's still no luck, just move on. At least you've got A) advice about how to improve your work B) a contact within the industry. Just try again later, ideally contacting the same person you spoke to directly. Remember to ask for their business card before you leave, and hand them yours (if you don't have cards, get some!). Consider asking for placements in other cities (or even other countries!). Studios love to have people with different backgrounds and cultures around.

If you're not on Twitter already, sign up right now and start following local designers and studios, comment on their blog posts or tweets and generally just engage with them. Go to local networking events or talks where the industry professionals will gather. I regularly see creatives from Manchester at events, and because I follow them on Twitter, I have an excuse to introduce myself. I've generally found designers are very friendly and willing to help students (don't forget, they've been through exactly what you're going through), so long as they're courteous and respectful.

Just keep at it. I've heard from many people over and over again that getting into the industry is often just a matter of time. Think of each challenge as a hurdle. Many people will fall at the first one, but if you keep leaping over them, the competition lessons, and eventually you'll reach the finish line.
Also, check CharityJOB for charity design opportunities in your area to help build up experience and your portfolio. Search "graphic design" and your location.
All that Paul said.

Put your name about online.
Upload your work to various sites.
Start a blog.
Start a Facebook page.
Get your family and friends to recommend you.

By the way, congratulations Paul on your 1000th!
Paul's given you good advice - you could also look out for live competitions. These come up all the time and they are a great way of getting used to the discipline of working to a brief. If you win, or are placed, it's good for your CV and you can add the work to your portfolio. Best of luck.

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Keep promoting yourself, keep calling, keep approaching, do all you can online - results happen - I will be appointing another new apprentice this afternoon.
Boss Hog - we were most impressed with your application, however on checking your credentials it appears you died in 1994 and we were unable to proceed :violin:

Corrosive - can you call me today? Tiny computer fix job for Bruv.

SUCCESS! Well, I think it is... Had an interview with a wall art/decal company, for a graphic design/production trainee. They've invited me in for 2 days paid work experience, and have offered me a job, depending on how well that goes! They will train me in all aspects: designing the stickers/signs, producing them, packaging them, speaking to clients, and promoting the company using literature such as leaflets and posters. Its a 2 year training scheme, and have been promised I shall be on good pay next year. (starts on £9/10,000 a year) but increases as my value to the company increases. I feel this should be a great platform for me to progress as a designer. Thanks for all your replies and help, really kept me positive :)
Thanks for you're help Paul, really appreciated it. I'll keep following the advice, and hopefully push on from this starting job! :)

Well done, now you're in just prove yourself to be an invaluable asset to the company. Get in early and stay late when you need to. And just keep learning about everything!