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Dan from Visions

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Designing for yourself is always difficult...

After ten years we decided to rebrand and redevelop the website.

I've had both positive and negative feedback.

We are BOLD < UNIQUE < CREATIVE and therefore want to attract this particular audience.

I won't share the feedback I have had previously so I can get some genuine honest feedback.

Please check it out - visionsdesign.co.uk/
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Honestly, for a company that is bold unique and creative, it looks remarkably like a thousand other template sites out there. It certainly doesn’t say original.
Ok first impressions...
  • video doesn't work, most browsers now stop auto running video's as well
  • the first thing I see on your site is a black bar with 2 icons and a big expanse of white nothingness... until I move my mouse and get the 'pointer'
  • big blob in middle of white screen that is the pointer... ugly and doesn't follow standard convention of an arrow...really don't like this
  • my browser plugins are blocking 8-10 items and 8-10 trackers.... now some of them I can understand the use of but I'm a huge fan of 'blocking trackers' so the less the better on websites imo.
  • most people skim text and the first 'visual' representation of your business I see is about cakes....
  • it feels too 'big'.... honestly feels like you designed it around mobile phones/tablets and forgot about desktops because scaling it to mobile/ipad size seems 'ok'
  • don't like the choice of font, it's just not nice to read
  • apart from being 'black and white' it's anything but bold, unique and creative if I'm being honest.... and sprout is right it does have a 'template' feel about it.
  • I really don't like menu either and it disappears, leaving a big black bar I can't do anything with as I scroll down....
  • did I say I REALLY hate that black blob for a pointer you've added....
  • you might want to check out your 'websites you've done' in google searches too... nada architects has some japanese as their description
Wow! That's really not nice to look at on a desktop. Everything Levi says really. Too big, too 'Flashy', too black and white. I don't like to be shouted at.
This one is going to be rough please don't take it personally.

Wayyy to much movement on the website at the start - Look at cumulative layout shift -
That video is so fast I can't really get a chance to read it.
If you take it down to mobile the video is small normal i know but then the speed and reading of it become nigh impossible. I would kill the vid for mobile.

The site is small I mean for somebody with a big bold unique approach you are sitting with 2-3 pages... actually talking about the services but you supply web, SEO, branding, digital marketing, ppc, and video services this smells of the template to me.
Literally like if i wanted to know about your SEO services where do I go nothing on the homepage, i click on the menu button and nothing even there. I see it stuck away in the footer (last resort) to find its not even a link. And all those links go to the same URL... digital marketing.
This is an example of a flashy design with no thought behind it whatsoever.

I don't know if this is your first site - if you are new to this but there's a lot to do here, not impossible just need guidance and thought behind what you are trying to give to people.

I was once told something which really changed the way I did design work if you like it there's probably something wrong with it, because designers do not think like consumers and consumers are who you are designing for not yourself.
Structure your services and get into detail about them.
Think about user navigation coming in for a certain service and design for that.
Less movement
Use bullets
Stop talking about how good you are at x so much and talk about what you actually do in terms of x.
Offer value to the user - useful info to resolve their problem.