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Dan from Visions

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Designing for yourself is always difficult...

After ten years we decided to rebrand and redevelop the website.

I've had both positive and negative feedback.

We are BOLD < UNIQUE < CREATIVE and therefore want to attract this particular audience.

I won't share the feedback I have had previously so I can get some genuine honest feedback.

Please check it out - visionsdesign.co.uk/
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Honestly, for a company that is bold unique and creative, it looks remarkably like a thousand other template sites out there. It certainly doesn’t say original.


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Ok first impressions...
  • video doesn't work, most browsers now stop auto running video's as well
  • the first thing I see on your site is a black bar with 2 icons and a big expanse of white nothingness... until I move my mouse and get the 'pointer'
  • big blob in middle of white screen that is the pointer... ugly and doesn't follow standard convention of an arrow...really don't like this
  • my browser plugins are blocking 8-10 items and 8-10 trackers.... now some of them I can understand the use of but I'm a huge fan of 'blocking trackers' so the less the better on websites imo.
  • most people skim text and the first 'visual' representation of your business I see is about cakes....
  • it feels too 'big'.... honestly feels like you designed it around mobile phones/tablets and forgot about desktops because scaling it to mobile/ipad size seems 'ok'
  • don't like the choice of font, it's just not nice to read
  • apart from being 'black and white' it's anything but bold, unique and creative if I'm being honest.... and sprout is right it does have a 'template' feel about it.
  • I really don't like menu either and it disappears, leaving a big black bar I can't do anything with as I scroll down....
  • did I say I REALLY hate that black blob for a pointer you've added....
  • you might want to check out your 'websites you've done' in google searches too... nada architects has some japanese as their description


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Wow! That's really not nice to look at on a desktop. Everything Levi says really. Too big, too 'Flashy', too black and white. I don't like to be shouted at.


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Honestly, I got tired going thru the website. It's too much "in your face". The hierarchy is all over the place, I don't know where to look at. Some of the texts over the images are unreadable, I would've add a black background overlay on the top of each image to make the white text more readable. The "Get Started" button doesn't seems like a button. (no hover effects). There are a lot of things wrong in this website.