Hompage Critique

I love the header, but TBH the main content seems pretty dull to me, a lot of white space. I think if you go ahead with it you should use some pictures to grab the audience and make it seem a much more design focussed site. :D
Thanks for the reply, yeah I can see what you mean I will be more than likely putting some images either down the right hand side or some images to do with the blog entries, I'll have a little think :icon_smile:
Personally, I think you should have the "subscribe to my blog" in the right column. I also think you should make sure the "web designer wall" site width the same as the intro box, or the other way round.

i do like the colours tho, and I don't personally think that there's too much stuff there, it's equalled out by the white space.
Hey Chris, nice design that. Simple and lets content speak for itself.

Personally, all I would suggest is to align all the columns to the pixel where possible/applicable [EDIT: Just seen Tim suggested the same], and change the font circled in blue below. Century Gothic is overused and I'm not a fan of it for body text.

Obviously as you say, this was a quick mock-up, but I thought I'd have a quick tinkle anyway, hope you don't mind.


A likable design, good effort Chris :icon_thumbup:
I personally preferred the very first version. Uncomplicated, simple, interesting, nice white space and easy to navigate. The problem with whats happened now is the news stories have gone half way down when ideally you want them at the top like you did before. These are the bits that are going to change and keep people coming back as well as making it look like the site is constantly updated, as opposed to the two banners you now have which will stay consistent. Like what you've done though and I think you've got a good eye
Thanks for the comments, it helps a lot. Yeah I was slightly unsure about Century Gothic as well I will be changing it, don’t know what to yet however. The big white space between the two blog posts, there was another image there but some reason it has disappeared. I'll have another little play with it sometime today.

Thanks Again