Home Printer advice needed


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I have been inspired to make some gifts for friends, just framed pictures with their kids names in them, it's reasonably cheap for me to do as it's just the cost of the frame and printing, I enjoy doing the designs.

Recently I've been asked to do something that requires a whole block colour background with light text on it and light vector type images, I don't think my home inkjet wont cope with a whole page of block colour like that , and it's something I might do more of (a few friends have asked for these as gifts for their own kids) so was thinking of investing in a better printer, will I get a decent enough print at home? Or will I need to send it to a professional to get a good finish?



This is the kinda thing I mean, the purple background looks liney and awful.

Forgive my silliness but I'm an online designer as my 'real job' so not very experienced with print design.


I think you probably need to invest in a printer with more than the basic four inks. The more inks, the more you spend, but the better the quality, generally.
If you're doing multiple prints though, you'd be better off with an online print shop.

I've had an Epson R2880 for years (cost around £500), which has eight inks but I use it for limited-edition giclee quality prints so that's more than you probably need.
I don't think you can go wrong with an Epson. Also, look out for one that takes card, as that may be useful for you.