HM Treasury Logo


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Saw that when it first 'launched' :icon_biggrin:

Some of these are pretty "classy" too:
Awful Logos That Make You Want to Slap Somebody | Bionic Works

This one in particular ;)


Paul Murray

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The OGC logo is stenciled onto a traffic bollard that I drive past every day. Obviously, it's not the correct orientation...

dot design

Ah the old classic, still raises a smile, you know they had that printed on mugs, mouse mats everything. Until an employee spotted a small problem....:icon_biggrin:


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This is one of my favourites and you have to feel for them a bit. It's easy to find yourself in a position where you can't see the wood for the trees, but I often wonder if there's an unscrupulous designer laughing their ass off that they managed to squeeze 'that' design through without objection. We did a blog on some others a while ago which might raise a smile:
Logo Fail

Tony Hardy

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Haha it's not as penile as others, but yeah, they probably should've avoided any sort of connotation like that though.


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Loll, stumble upon, you like it and its stiff but dislike and its flaccid lolll how do people accept these logo designs for their businesses i am amazed