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Hi all! Just introduced myself over in the introduction section and thought what better way to start than to get your guys thoughts on my portfolio. Now the reason I'm not posting this in the website critique is because it's a Wordpress template and am looking for feedback on my site/graphics/design work/general interaction.

For example it took me six months to think 'If people stumble across my site, they won't know what its about!?' and so added a short description at the top, you guys might be able to spot flaws like this easier. Ideally I'm looking to grow my freelance work and basically just learn more from others.

So here it is: zaksingle.com | Freelance Graphic, Print and Web Designer

Let me know what you think I've you've got a few mins, any and all feedback welcome!

I'm guessing no news is good news :icon_biggrin: haha seriously though if anyone has any feedback on any of my work, would be great to hear it!

Was actually having a look before - just never got around to responding.

Your stuff looks really good - I don't have anything constructive to say at all.

It's all good.