high quality screenshot capture from blu ray dvd/tv


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Hi all, ive seen a few scenes in films/tv and thought i could use them in my graphic work when designing posters/flyers - and obviously editing them because of copyright issues.

My question: How do i capture a high quality screenshots from 'blu ray dvds' and 'films on tv' to use in my posters. Which software is best and easy to use? will they be 300 or more dpi quality pics? and yes, i have a full HD tv.

As far as I know you wont be able to capture from the TV. the best option would be to somehow run the bluray player into your computer and then copy the disc using something like handbrake. Set up the 1080p TV as the computers monitor. Then download something like mplayer, play the movie through it. Pause the shot you want and take a screen grab.

Hope that helps
If i had a blu ray movie and hit screen shot, will it still not have a fuzzy effect? because iv suddenly pressed pause as the person/scene is not still. Thats why i was asking if there was any really good/and easy to use software that i can use to capture screen shots (frame by frame), which would give a crisp picture when taking a screenshot.

With this mind, how do i get these screenshots to be at 300dpi or better for my posters/leaflets through using my PC and not my HD TV?

Btw, i DONT have a blu ray player but rather an ordinary inbuilt dvd player on my PC, and will be taking screenshots. Any problems here?

Just reading the blu-ray forum website, and it doesnt allow users to display information on how exactly to make HD screen captures for some reason :(

Anyway, i got an idea, how about taking pictures from a 7.2 megapixel digital camera? the resolution has been 480 dpi for the pictures i have taken so far. To the professional designers on here: would this idea work?
do you have access to final cut or iMovie? If so, rip the film as suggested using handbrake, import it into said video editing software and select the frame you want then export just that frame.
No, ive got 'Arcsoft total media' and 'mplayer'.

Instead of ripping a blu ray movies, i have downloaded them, would this be okay?

Btw, i have a PC, not a Mac.

Also, as mentioned in my previous msg - would the idea of taking pictures with a digital camera of the movie playing on HD 1080p tv work?