Hi Guys, I would like to buy lessons


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Hi guys

I really want to learn how to construct sport sunglasses by uni graphic / solid work.
Do you think I can pay someone in the forum to teach me how to construct sport sunglasses 3D?
It is able to print by 3D printer.
Would that be possible
I can pay via paypal of each lesson or we can go through syllabus together, hope that is okay
Please kindly give me the rate, if you could teach me how to do the 2D, that will be even better.
Lets just put it this way... it would be cheaper for you to go out and buy the sunglasses than learn how to do it by hiring someone.
The Lynda suggestion is good. They have a number of 3d printing tutorials that you could perhaps benefit from. They have a free trial, so you try the courses and see if they are something for you. Another alternative is to watch youtube videos about 3d printing as they have pretty much anything there.