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Hi, I'm planning on doing a presentation on Helvetica at school and was wondering if any body had any ideas for a catchy title I could use to entice non-typography fans to attend. Also, does anybody have any suggestions on interesting suggestions which i could use. (I have seen the film Helvetica)
"Helpvetica - An informative guide to the world's favourite typeface."

I admit, it's cheesy. It's been a long day.
I can already see the massive pun-potential of this thread.

Yeebles, do you have an idea on what you're gonna base your presentation on? I'd be tempted to start at Akzidenz and go through to Verdana/Arial, keep the intro short, informative and snappy though. Then, show examples of the many applications of the font. Maybe tell your audience about the Swiss school of design and it's influence on the design world.

Your aim should be for your audience to go home thinking "Was that Helvetica I just saw on that sign?".
Thanks that is similar to what I have drafted but I like the Swiss design part. Also I have spent some time around the town which my school is in (it is a small town) taking pictures of Helvetica signs and logos to held get them wondering.

Thanks for your help!

Also I'm enjoying the two puns we have so far.
Helvetica: A day in the life
Helvetica: Arial must die
Helvetica light, with 50% less fat

I dont know where I'm going with this
Hi, i was just looking through some old stuff and found an issue all based around helvetica in vektorika magazine.
I can email it over to you if you want to PM me your email address. You might find it interesting!