Helping a final year student where to go!


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Good afternoon, my names Reece and I'm currently in my 3rd and final year of a BA in GD.
Dissertation and final major project aside, I need a little help with a brief which is less client based but a little more personal to me.

The brief is a 5 minute presentation on where I want to be, what I want to do; generally where I see myself in the future by reflecting on skills and strengths that I have accumulated over the last couple of years. However - unlike quite a few of my classmates who seem to be clear illustrators, interface designers or photographers etc. I feel I'm quite a broad designer (and I hope that doesn't sound like I'm blowing my own horn!)

So here are my skills that I feel strongest in and/or take the most enjoyment from:

Photography (mainly portrait)
General Adobe skills other than video editing software
Logo Design
Print-Making (mainly screen printing)
Product Design

What route would you point me in that would benefit from the skills above? What job role or road would be most fitting for me?
I'm struggling to find direction and I've been told to research and investigate the area of visual communication I wish to focus on.

Any help would be appreciated! Thankyou.
Hi Reece,
I have recently just Graduated and I felt i was in quite a simular position. There shouldn't be a reason why you need to focus of one particular route completely. I had a broad range of skills and I think for someone like me (and possibly you to, maybe) would benefit from a graphic agency role where you then get to work on a broad-range of projects and still get to try new things :)

I don't know if that is much help but I think there is so much to design that you shouldn't have to be specific but just to embrace all your skills and put them to good use all round :)
Have you thought about packaging design? That would probably use a great deal of your skillset. Packaging is really moving out of that- we'll put it in a print heavy box with a plastic window into a really interesting part of the whole user experience- look at how a Macbook is packaged or any modern smartphone. The whole unboxing YouTube phenomenon is growing and manufacturers are really starting to recognise that this is a really important place for innovation and design- I suspect it'll be a strong sector in the coming years.