Help with web icons


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Hi everyone
I finally got my first design job having graduated last year and I have been asked by my employer to design a total of 37 icons for a new website that is being put together.
I have designed all but 3 of them, but I am stuck for how to communicate the last subjects visually.

The icons are for:

Pro Bono
Social Mobility
Expectation vs Reality

I would greatly appreciate any advice/ ideas you have.
Pro Bono - a star or similar positive icon
Social Mobility - Charts/Social Bubbles/Progressive image
Expectation vs Reality - brain shape with bulb/bulb shaped brain/cloud with circular arrow or exclamation mark

Context is an issue but, off the top of my head ...

Pro bono: either a figure with raised hand or a wrapped gift
Social mobility: Steps or figures arranged in a pyramid hierarchy
Expectation vs. Reality: Thought bubble reflected in a mirror
Hi, thanks for suggestions.

I think I will go for more along the lines of what Dave L suggested as it fits better with the icons I have already designed for the site.

Thanks again!