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Hi All!!

I have an interview for a creative artworker role and I was wondering what kind of questions I should prepare for.

It's for a mobile phone retailer and I am naturally quite nervous :S What kind of things should I research before I go into the interview?

Any advice and help would be much appreciated :)
well from my own experience in interviews of this nature you may be asked about recent books you have read relating to the design industry, also they will probably ask you who inspires you and why, so maybe do a bit of graphic design book research and prepare some answers around that. hope this helps, good luck for your interview.
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I wouldn't worry too much about which books you have or haven't read. An interest in retail design, FMCG and retail in general might do it. For a retail gig they're more likely to be interested in your knowledge of creating artwork for retail, point of sale, large format displays, window vinyls and the like. Knowledge of preparing and sending artwork for print. Maybe experience of Adfast. Maybe magazine or catalogue work (if they produce these in-house). These kind of jobs can have a heavy workload deadlines around new product launches. If it's a national chain you may be expected to develop regional versions of national campaigns.

In general stress how well you can take a brief and scale it up as required, how well you traffic workflow in a busy studio enviroment and what an exciting field mobile comms is at the moment (whether you believe that or not). Much of the material in these stores is prepared by the individual ad agencies who are running campaigns for the individual brands (Nokia, Apple, HTC etc) not the retailers. You may be expected to integrate these pre-existing marketing assets into dual-branded pieces for your employers use while being aware of the individual manufactures sensitivity to dual-branding. A knowledge of shop fitting displays and retail branding terminology (wobblers, tents, shelf-abrkers etc) can't hurt.

Remember to ask how their studio is currently structured so you have an idea of what the role expects and how much of a creative lead they expect you to take. This will allow you to tailor your answers accordingly as you don't want to come over as some tortured auteur if what they want is a jobbing artworker who can manage the grind. Good luck.
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Thanks for the replies, guys! :D

Yeh, I managed to read them before my interview and they were vry helpful, especially for asking questions at the end. It went ok but I am not to confident. I was happy for the experience at least. It was for the mobile retailer's in-house design studio. A bit nervous because it was the biggest company I have been invited to attend an interview for. I learnt a lot about preparation for this. They even informed me before hand that it was a competency based interview and they will be expecting the 'STAR' technique of answering them. Really useful actually to support what you can do.

Anyhoo, I just wanted to say thanks again for the advice. It really contributed to help me to settle my nerves :)
Well regardless of the outcome, they obviously thought enough of you to get you in for an interview. That's probably more than others got.