Help with preparing a print ready PDF


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I am a First Year Graphic design student and have agreed to design some business cards for a friend. I have designed in Indesign and am trying to export as a PDF. Im still pretty confused about all of teh options and was wondering whether anyone could offer advice.

The card uses two Pantone Spot Colours and wont require any bleed. The only font used is Helvetica. Trapping isnt an issue.

I have done the following :

-Saved as Press Quality
-I have included all printers crop marks including colour bars
-In colour conversion I have ticked > No colour conversion
-In Profile inclusion policy I have ticked > Include all profiles
-In Subset fonts I have changed to > subset when percent used is less than 0%

Am I right to have done the above and are there any other things that I need to do?
What you need to do is ring the printer you will be using and ask them what their requirements are, they may send you a pdf preset to use. It's no good trying to second guess what they'd like you to do.
Sounds OK. Colour bars are fine but not essential.

I am assuming that this is for offset (Pantone).

Print to PDF rather than Save As a PDF.