help with fireworks


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just a few questions, i love using fireworks, just wondered what size i should be using for a web page and how i transfer to dreamweaver sucessfully?
i don't know about transferring to dreamweaver but if you are wanting to do pages for 1024 x 768 resolution then make your work area 1000 pixels wide. This allows for the side window bars of the browser window.
Exporting from fireworks to dreamweaver can be a bit hit & miss for me, it used to be easy when the standards for web design was to use tables but now that css is the norm it can be a bit messy.

You basically create slices over the images in fireworks, go to edit, export as fireworks html, save the sliced files in the right folder, open dreamweaver and go to edit, paste fireworks html. Thats just off the top of my head to be honest and i really am not very clever, have a look at the fireworks help and tutorial menu for help too.