Help with email link in photoshop


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Can anyone help here, I mainly design for print but I am creating my own web pages using photoshop.
I've been using CS2 classroom in a book and have been getting on fine with slices and image maps and linking the pages etc. I am stuck on one thing and can't find any help in the CS2 help manual.

At the bottom of my web pages I have my email address, how do I link that layer to work so that it actually brings up the viewers email. In other words when someone clicks on it I want it to bring up the email link?

Thanks in advance


Thanks for your reply, I know this is how it would look in html code but I am trying to put an email link into a slice in photoshop. If you can imagine I have a coloured block at the bottom right of my webpage and the email address is an image within the rectangle. I want to specify this as a slice but not to link to another page but an email address if you follow?