Help with client, who has lost online business conversions



I have a client who sells visa services on their website - its a small home based business.

Their business has dropped right off from two years ago when they were booming to 5 customers in a month.

We did some seo on key words and they are at about 7th position first page.

my questions are,

1. Is there a huge difference in customers between 1st and 7th place?
2. If we are trying to catch the uk in general should we be putting the local address on the site.
3. They tried google ads but found it non-profitable.

Could you tell me if there is anything glaringly wrong with this site?

Visa for India - Visa Services Limited

Is it unprofessional looking? Seo badly off?

Any help appreciated

The web has moved on and perhaps they have stood still?

There are many things they could be doing better from an SEO point of view. There is no blog/articles, no fresh content, no social media, there are many h1 tags on the page when there should be only one.

The images at the top are far too large in terms of kb (702.54KB one of them) and take a while to download affecting page speed (which carries more weight in terms of SEO nowadays).

I have also seen that free template again and again and again. It is nothing new or interesting or particularly associated to their brand.

Putting the local address shouldn't be an issue as it should breed confidence in customers. Like having a fixed landline number available.

Just needs a refresh, better attention to code and some fresh content in my opinion. If you neglect your website it will start to let you down.