Help with a Logo Design


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Hi everyone :)

I'm new to design and still learning

I'm making a logo for a sauce called "Papa Sams".

Do you have any suggestions on how I could make this logo?

Would be much appreciated


First of all, you want a brand, not just a logo.

In terms of ideas, write down every word, emotion and thing you can think of to do with the words "papa" "sam's" and "sauce", then see if any of them can be 'summarised' in one symbol (papa for example, makes me think of Italian, it's masculine, so I think of a moustache (pretty cliche though)).

Also, go and take a look at what other sauce brands are doing in terms of their packaging and branding.

In terms of software, use Adobe Illustrator.
Welcome to the forum.

The first thing we'd all probably do is ask a multitude of standard questions such as; what kind of sauce?; what's the market?; what does the customer like or not like?; how will the logo be used?; do they have anything already?, etc, etc.

Once you know as much as you can about the product and the company, you can start researching other brands and sketching out some rough drawings. I used to have to sit in a design studio with huge bits of paper, just roughly drawing ideas and elements for hours on end.

What's your background and skill-set, as you should be creating the logo in Illustrator once the rough sketches have been done?
Try to keep the colours simple keeping in mind how it would look in black and white.
Then tidy up 3 of the best ideas and send them to the client, perhaps showing an option on the sauce bottle.

Stuff like that. :icon_biggrin: