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I have a client who regularly places advertising for many properties in newspapers, they require a electronic document that has a designed template which will allow them to change certain text areas and info and add an image to that file and then send it off to the newspaper publishers.

I recommended having an electronic PDF but im not too sure weather that will allow them to add or change an image...

any suggestions?

many thanks in advance to all those who reply..
Just a thought...

I've just had a quick play with creating a form in Acrobat Professional and the only fields available are for text. Perhaps a template could be designed and set up in Word or other word processing package and this then be saved as a hi-res CMYK PDF. I know printing 'PDFs' is possible on Macintosh versions of Word, so would presume the same on a PC.
The only thing that concerns me is your client ensuring that they drop in images that are CMYK and at a good enough resolution for printing with.
Also, a lot of newspapers require files via Adfast only and this requires a pre-flight process before submission - which again, might be beyond your client's skills.
That could turn very very messy as pcbranding has said. I'm sure its becuase they want to save money by not having to pay for your time.

I personally don't know of a way of doing a template that a client could update the way they want, and without them screwing it up! that would be print ready.

I would talk to them and maybe arrange a special rate for doing the updates. I mean, if its a template and you just have to drop in text and a few images, thats going to take you 10 minutes at most, then say another 5 or 10 minutes to deal with the newspaper.

I think you need to discuss all the pitfalls of what they are requesting. This will make it more enticing to just get you to do the work.
Have to agree with the above comments, customers are always looking to save a few pence and it looks like this is the case in this instance, what they don't realise is in the long run after their mistakes etc it is probably much cheaper and easier for you to just do it for them.

I also don't know of anything that will allow your client to edit unless they have decent software such as Illustrator or similar, which I doubt.

Thinking about it software to do such a thing would probably be quite good, any developers out there?