Help required selecting a secondary font


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Hi all,

Wondering if anyone can steer me in the right direction here. Currently updating my CV and a little bit on my personal style / branding for this. I have selected a main font from called 'Bebas Neue'

Bebas Neue Font |

I'm not having too much luck on finding or deciding upon a seccondary font which would sit well with this which has upper and lower case which can be used in descriptive text. I am looking for a fairly robust, possibly industrial strong style but anything which suits the main font would be great. So was wondering if anyone on here has any suggestions. I must point out I am not from a graphic design background, more a product, 3D and creative design background so would find any advice helpful.

Thank you in advance for any help from anyone, very much appreciated.

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I suppose when you say 'main text' you mean headers and such, Bebas being only upper case unless I'm mistaken (which is very probable, I'm not an expert either). So when you say 'descriptive text' you mean what I would call the body of the text. Sans serif fonts are a tad trickier than serif, so I'd stick with something tried and tested (as long as it isn't Arial). Gill Sans (my preference), Lucida Sans or Optima are all recommended in The Elements of Typographic Style.
Thanks for the advice.... I'm assuming Ariel is just a no no within graphic design and typography? I've just used that for now, doesnt look too bad but obviously not the most creative I suppose.
If nothing else, using Arial hardly showcases and typography awareness / skills. It's a bit like having a Jag and a Ford in your driveway and choosing the Ford, OK it does the job but why not go for something a bit more classy?