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Hello everyone,

I am after a little bit of advice.

I only recently started doing freelance work and I am still figuring out how to price jobs as they come in. So far I have been ok and had good responses to the prices I quote.

I've had a recent job offer but the client isn't happy with price and I wanted to get a few other quotes and opinions on the matter to see where I lie.

The job is to create 16 firework drawings. Recreating these images of fireworks for use in a book.

I quoted £240 and then brought that down to £200 but it wasn't enough.

I was wondering what others would charge and if my price was fair?

Any advice would most appreciated.

Thank you,

Understanding the job 30 minutes
Taking in the job (emails, images etc and storing them) 5 minutes (say 20 seconds per file)
Completing each image x 16 (30 minutes per graphic x 16 = 480 minutes (8hours))
Proofing to customer - 15 minutes (1 minutes per image)
Amendments - 15 minutes per file (15 minutes x 16) 240 minutes (4 hours)
Supplying final files - 15 minutes ( 1 minute per file)

= 13.25 hours
x hourly rate

Most design agencies charge £100 per hour

Total price of job is £1,325.
£240 is very reasonable as it is, that should be your very minimum charge and you should not go any lower than that. If anything, you should of charged more than £240.

But obviously, no one can really tell you how much you should quote, as only you know your hourly rate, how long you think it will take you to complete the job, how well you think you can recreate the fireworks, etc, etc.
Just tell them the cost. If they don't like it they can go elsewhere and you can get on with work for clients who will pay the going rate.
Just tell them that, yes, it's possible to do the job for £200, but it won't look very good. If they want a decent job, it should be twice that at least.
Just to say - my freelance rate is nowhere £100 an hour. But that's what you'd pay in a high end studio.

If you can't agree a price let them go elsewhere and get on being awesome.
I'd echo the above. £240 is a very good price (my quote would be almost double that). Its tough when you first start out because you want to win every bid and please every potential customer but as time goes on you will realise that there are some people out there who see no value in design. 9 times out of 10 they turn out to be nightmare clients who you wish you'd turned down to start with.

The best thing to do in this scenario is to point them in the direction of people per hour, wish them all the best and carry on with your life.
That's an important lesson - you won't win every design bid, but don't undersell yourself either. If they don't want your service at the quoted price then so be it. Move on and get the next one from a client that values your work.

Good luck.
Thank you

Thank you everyone for your advice. It has been very helpful. I stuck to my guns and the client has decided not to go ahead with my services.

Maybe they'll be back once they realise I was offering a bargain.

Thanks again