Help! Newbie needs a map!


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I am new to Graphic Design and am undertaking a leaflet for a client. All is fine as I found a tutorial (I say fine, I am sure I will run into some issues when sending to print)
BUT I have an issue with a map. She needs a map on the back showing her clients where she is. Where can I get one that is free to use?
I have googled it and come across some odd sites but if anyone knows of a good place, please let me know!!
Thank you in advance
I usually draw a map for clients in Illustrator. Gets over any problems with ordnance survey/google or other copyright holders.
You can draw a map pretty quickly with just lines in Illustrator (give them a thick stroke to account for the width of the road). It doesn't need to be incredibly accurate either, the main thing to include is surrounding the street names.
Depending on what size you need you can sometimes get away with using a BING map, as long as it is zoomed right in and only has maybe a few streets on it. Other than that you might be better drawing one up as the others have suggested.
Thank you everyone for the replies! I am not great with Illustrator and do not have the skills as yet to do that :icon_frown: so I will have to see if I can try the BING map option.
Fingers crossed!! Must now go and learn Illustrator!!!
Thanks again