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Hi everyone,

I need some help with a project that I'm undertaking.

I admit I'm not the greatest when it comes to graphics, but I need some help with copying a piece of artwork that I've been sent so that it will look OK on a roll up banner.

The DPI is very weak on the original and when I enlarge the image, it becomes very badly pixelated and it isn't useable, hence the request for help.

If anyone is able to have a go at it, and quote a sensible quote for the job then I'll pass more work over to them, but I need this looking at very soon.

If you think you can do the job, please let me know and I'll send the artwork over for you to have a look at.

Many thanks.

Hi Kevin,

I could look at that for you. Send it over and I'll let you have a cost.



(email through the website)
Hi Kevin,

Pretty much mirroring what Mark said. If you send us the artwork
we can take a look at it and then get back to you with a quote.


(Either send us a PM or use the contact form on our website)