Help needed with skills terminology. What would you call this particular skill?


Currently renovating my website. It’s been one year since I started freelancing (Print, web, illustrative design) and I am now gaining a stronger view of the market and where my skills are best put to use, (coffee making and catching Escape to the Country being the top two).

Anyway, one popular aspect is product mockups, but I just can’t find the right words to advertise this service to potential clients on my new website.

I seem to be approached quite often by marketing companies who want me to create mock-ups of their products, but they want them to be photo-realistic or near enough. For instance, one firm who supply cashpoints to high street stores send me photos of shop fronts or photos of actual cashpoints and commission me to manipulate the photos to contain ‘branded’ cashpoints (manipulate the image so it appears the cashpoint has been installed in the shop front).
Or re-brand the cashpoint in the corporate colours (the cashpoints are sometimes manufactured with specific powder coating or stickers with corporate logos).

Another marketing company will send me a logo and some packaging ideas and ask me to create a mockup of the product as it may appear on the shelf.

I wouldn't call it product or packaging design as the images I create I usually just used as part of a presentation or for design assessment. They really are just mockups.

Sadly one of these firms went into liquidation and the other has moved to the US. But I enjoyed doing this type of work so I would like pursue more of it.

I’m loathe to use the term mockup, this is the term the client’s use, surely there is a better term?


Apologies for the convoluted description, I'm at home suffering with man/girl flu.
I'd call it "Photorealistic Artwork"

I'd be concerned that a client may see the term 'Artwork' and think 'art' rather than 'Artworking'.

Personally I'd call it something like Product Visualisation, or Brand Placement Visualisation.

There's a guy in Manchester who does this sort of stuff. He calls it The Transposition of Elements because his branding is all about magic (in this case Photoshop magic) – The Transposition of Elements - The Great Blandini

Call it whatever you think it should be called :)
Thanks Hank & Paul,

Both those terms work, I think a carefully worded I will use both of them. It is a tricky one. I call it lying :) One marketing company asked me to knock up marketing collateral, brochures, adverts within magazines, folders and signage, as they had run out of time and funding and needed to convince their client that the work had actually been completed. Thankfully they did pay me.

I draw the line at legal documents :)
I've done this kind of work before and I simply call it 'Photo-manipulation.'

Photorealistic Artwork is where for example you use 3d product modelling program and create a coffee mug that looks like a real life authentic coffee mug but it is actually computer generated. Hence 'Photorealistic.'