Help needed with Logo design


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Hi All,

I need some help. I am trying to start up a MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) brand called BRITISH FIGHTER, I have tired to design a logo but each time I do a logo I'm not getting it right.

Current logo

I am now banging my head against a brick wall :icon_Wall: and running or should I say ran out of ideas.

I have come on here to see if any of you guys would be very kind on trying a few ideas for me :icon_notworthy: , maybe for a project you are doing for college etc. I am starting this up with very little funding but if I use one of your logos, when things take off I will make sure you are rewarded.

Thanks in advance

Thanks for the advise guys, what do you thik of the logo concept, worth working on or should I scrap it!
Thanks for the advise guys, what do you thik of the logo concept, worth working on or should I scrap it!

I think it's worth working with - if you do as the other two posters have said and lose the black edge and make the font heavier I think it would look much better.
British fighter club , the name immeditatley made think of the ... iconic spitfire target on the side of the planes...

You should work to combine that

I think you should remove the black border, remove the bue circle. Make the font bold, black and reduce the thinkness of the white circle.
I'm against the complex image of the male punching out of the circle. I'd quite like to see just a fist in the circle? Like a stencil effect or something where it's punched out.
I also agree with removing the black lines and try to sort the text out.
Thinking of everything

I like the character in the middle, however are you not wishing to attract women as well as men? A male centric design is a poor choice if so.

My daughter has been attending Thai Boxing classes since she was 4yrs old (she's now 9yrs), I've seen many girls attend classes over the years and in the adult classes also there are lots of women.

These the sort of things one needs to consider when designing a logo for a business, it's not just about aesthetics. You should find the funds to invest in a professional, as they have the required experience to consider important things like that and more. Things like this can make a difference to business performance.

It still looks very male orientated and that's something to definitely stay clear of.
The bold black colours are working for it, but I can understand your keen sense of trying to work in some of the Union Jack colour too.
This is one of those logos that I've been thinking a hell of a lot about how I would approach it, it's been driving me insane lol. Like one of them cops that can't let a case go. Strange.