Help needed - Pantone on fake-cardboard-image?


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First- Hello, I'm new to this forum! :) I didn't find a similar thread so if I missed one, I'd be happy to be redirected to it.

I struggle a bit with Spot colours (Pantone to be exact) for a newest project and hope, that someone can help me out.

Basically, we have two packagings for some products.
a) cardboard box made out of brown cardboard
b) card made out of chromo duplex board (GD2), products will be put on with zipties

The main colour of the printdesign is a blueish-green, we went with Pantonte 357U.
The design shall have a sustainable look, so we combined the design with the cardboard material. Text is spared out from the Pantone "background" colour and appears with the cardboard texture.

(While printing on the cardboard box, I planned to have a white preprint to prevent the Pantone green of being influenced by the yellow/brown of the cardboard. Even with the white pre-print/underprint, we slightly get the cardboard texture and feel through the Pantone green, which is good and wanted.)

BUT when it comes to the cards, we now get a problem. As they are printed on white coated GD2 (chromo duplex board) there's a super plain white surface without any kind of cardboard-texture and feel. (and yes, I tried to suggest using a cardboard-made board for it but we're stuck to the's a long story)

I basically have no better idea to solve this, than to imprint a fake cardboard image onto the GD2 white surface and then print Pantone on top of this. With a transparency?
Goal is, that the card should look like it was also made out of brown cardboard so the two packaging types look alike. So that there's also slightly cardboard texture visible through the Pantone colour, not only in the text.
But I fear that, printing with a transparency, that then the yellow of the cardboard image influences the appearance of the Pantone Green again...

Would this even be possible? To print Pantone transparent?
I am at the moment completely lost how I could transform this GD2 board to look like the main cardboard box AND have the same Pantone green.
--> Any suggestions maybe?
--> Also, how do I set this up in InDesign? Simply place Pantone 357C (for coated material) and make it transparent?

(Also on a side-note: my company unfortunately decided to print overseas, where the products are manufactured (VN and CN), so I can't just hop over to the printing office. Also examples take a long time to get them flown to our company, so I shall manage this with as less examples and adjustments as possible... :c)

Attached is a visualisation of the two type of packaging and how I thought I could tackle the problem with the GD2 board.

Thanks in advance!!!
(and sorry for my english, I'm from germany, so it may be off a bit)


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This is my observation regarding Custom Spot Colour Formulation.

1. Depending on the printer's capabilities, consider a custom spot colour formulated to reflect the cardboard's influence subtly.
2. This approach requires precise colour matching and potential cost implications.