[HELP] Need your feedback for my inspiration


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Hi Guys

I am a newbie in graphic design. Recently i manage to create something that's fully in gradient and it's in SVG format! I wonder if this is something good for those who are familiar in the graphic design industry?

Also wonder if there's any platform that currently available to download such artwork in SVG format?

I am also looking for a way to quickly turn out such graphics especially those heavily in gradients. Any one have any suggestions on how to make it?

Please help me to get some insight for my creations :)

Gradient Graphics B.pngGradient Graphics A.png
Actually to be more specific, from your professional point of view as a graphic designer / artwork creator:
Do you like this type of randomized gradient artwork?
And do you know if there's any site that currently available for this type of gradient artwork to download?
Also if you are assigned to do such, how will you do it?
They are a little naive, in my opinion, and the use of colour is poor. If you are thinking of stock image sites, I don't think they are very saleable. I can't imagine any scenario
when they would be of any use as a background etc.
As Wardy has said above, not great and just random shapes and colours so I also do not see any use for them in particular. For stock image sites you would have to target specific things, for example 'Birthday Card Border' or similar and design something for that purpose.