Help! Need pass4press assistance


I remember when all you had to do to prepare a file for press was ensure the colour mode was correct, create outlines and embed links. I have been asked by a client to reset some artwork (an advert) for a magazine. The magazine requires the PDF to be formatted to; quote - "Artwork to be supplied in high-resolution PDF. All images within the PDF must be 300dpi images formatted to PPA Pass4press Version 9."

I have been to the PPA website PPA : Pass4press but I really do want to make sure I am creating the file with the correct pre-sets.

Assuming that all I have to do is download and install the preset relevant to my package (Illustrator CC) and use the right Version (according to instructions Version 9)

But herein lies my problem I use Illustrator CC - the presets given only apply to previous versions of Illustrator (CS3 and CS5), also should I use version 10 or version 9? Will there be an issue as I am using the latest version of Illustrator?. I installed both pre-sets in Illustrator and both are now present in my drop down options when Save As PDF.

Are there any other requirements?

Help! I miss having to manually set my options ;-)
There would be no difference in the PDF presets for versions of Illustrator.

They basically didn't update their website.