Help Me!!!

This might sound like a stupid question but have you submitted your site to Google using Webmaster Tools?
i have but only recently, thought you where supposed to let them find you. I am listed if i search for my url just nothing else lol
Yep, immerse yourself in webmaster tools for starters, if there is anything amiss it usually shows up there.
That's a step in the right direction but page rank and visibility for your preferred keyword are not synonymous
yeah, im not listing too well for Keywords, need to work on that.

I did come 5th in the search for "Liverpool Based Graphic Designer"
Have you used the Adwords keyword tool to assess which keywords get a lot of searches and what you want to actually rank for? It's a good starting point. Make sure you tick "Exact" then type your search terms in, and get some suggestions, see what's worth ranking for.

There are a load of great websites, ideas, tutorials out there in regards to SEO. It's a hobby of mine but not something I'd be comfortable selling as a professional service. So, I can offer you a fair bit of advice, but don't take what I say as a professionals view, more a hobbyist! :)

The Google documentation itself is also really great. I'm guessing you've had a look through their SEO For Beginners guide thing? That's where I started.

It's an interesting beast SEO, fun to tweak and play with now and again.
when i setup my website and indexed it to google it took a while 2 get noticed. but after about 2/3 weeks i started getting indexed, as for your keywords try and use different combinations for them ie. liverpool based graphic designer, graphic designer liverpool based, graphic designer based in liverpool, etc etc. but then you need to have your keywords within the page in the content some were cause any one can just put in keywords in the meta and hope and prey. but you also need the keywords 2 be revelant to the page/post. and as tony said look at adwords for niches within the sector, me and sdesign1 are both liverpool based and a few times when ive been checking my ranking out ive once or twice been ahead of him (not often tho lol) but im getting there! ill soon be next to ph.creative haha :D

im currently on page 1 for 9 different keyword/phrases out of about 35 in google which im happy with :D
Had a quick look, you're really lacking in "on-page" keywords, eg;

"Harlequin Studio are a international award winning Photo Illustration and Graphic Art studio based in Liverpool, England. Using a hybrid alchemy of digital and alternative processes, we bring images and dreams to life."

Where does it say anything about "graphic design"? Scanning through your pages, I can't see "graphic design" anywhere, and that above quote is repeated on every title for every page; such repetition will count against you. No-one in the world is ever going to search for "hybrid alchemy" in relation to web design so you might like how some of these things sound but they're pretty worthless for SEO. You need to use things people are going to search for. Eg

"Harlequin Studio are an award winning graphic design company based in Liverpool providing photo manipulation, graphic art, illustration, poster artwork and logo design"

Lots of useful keywords and phrases in there that potential customers will probably be searching for.

List your keywords, like about ten of them tops. Then look for ways to incorporate them on every page, using unique copy on every page and unique copy for every page title. Ranking for "graphic design" will be very hard but if you work at it "liverpool graphic design" or something similar should be acheivable, so you need those three words and that phrase appearing a minimum three times (start, middle and end) of every page.

Do that, then build backlinks and you should start moving.
Thats an awesome help man thanks. I know its the same on every page, limitation of the platform/theme im using.

Thanks again man, i will get on that asap :)