help me pick a job title


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This is a weird one.

I currently work at an agency with around 20 staff 4 of which, not counting myself are creatives. My position here is design director. I more or less set the title and didn't feel creative director was suitable.

I have just been offered a position at a new company. It was advertised as Art Director but the role isn't really that of an art Director it was merely advertised as such to weed out the chaff according to the creative director.

This new company is roughly twice the size with a larger creative team and a creative director in place. I will be working directly under him but he feels the title art Director may confuse some other staff and has decided to label it senior designer. However, there are other senior designers currently in the team who have less responsibilities.

It's been a long time since I was a senior designer and I have no desire to be labelled as such again as understandably it appears to be a backwards move. I feel I've earned my stripes so to speak. I'm therefore looking for alternative suggestions for my position that is fitting for my experience level.
I don't know your experience level but by the sounds of it you class yourself above a Senior Designer. How about Assistant Creative Director? Or is that diluting your experience and skill level too much? I can't help but wonder why it is an issue to be honest. There are people on here who run their own business', have the experience level of a Creative Director/Art Director and have titled themselves 'Top Tea maker.' Being called a Senior Designer is not a step backwards unless you make it that way. I personally have more respect for Senior Designers than I do for some Art Directors, as I have dealt with some Art Directors who knows absolutely everything about nothing. It baffles me how they get the job as an Art Director.
It baffles me how they get the job as an Art Director.

A wise man once said to me that you will find one person in every organisation who has been promoted one step higher than they should ever have been. Usually through long service and MDs not knowing what to do with them!
I'd go for Senior Designer over Art Director... but in all honesty do future employers look at your current job title. You see so many weird titles nowadays I think most are plucked out of the sky!
Senior Design Director

Puts you as a Senior Designer, who directs them but not as Creative Director.

You take your direction from the Creative.

And in turn you direct your minions.