Help me decide - PC vs Mac


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I'm thinking about replacing my current setup with something new. At the moment I am using Lenovo Y700 (i5-6300HQ, Nvidia GTX960m, 16GB DDR4 2133 MHz). Unfortunately, the laptop is old and slowly stops working smoothly for my activities.

I use the computer mainly to handle Photoshop projects - files with a lot of layers, a lot of effects, a lot of intelligent objects (usually scaled from much higher resolutions - if it affects the performance because I am not sure about that), usually formats around FHD ("social media formats") but sometimes larger ones (A3 format at 300dpi for printing) and for projects in Illustrator - here the matter is simpler - uncomplicated designs consisting only of vectors, without unnecessary explosions haha. I use these programs interchangeably, often having both programs running and jumping from one window to another. I usually have several projects opened in Photoshop and Illustrator. In the future, after buying a new computer, I would like to try AfterEffects and start creating simple, uncomplicated texts or 3D objects. Of course, all this is accompanied by the presence of a browser in the background (sometimes many tabs turned on), a movie, Spotify or Discord.

I am currently working on a 24-inch FHD monitor plus a 15-inch laptop screen, but after replacing the computer, I will want to buy a new 27-inch monitor (3840 x 2160) and use it with the old 24-inch one.

I have about $1000 to spend. I was thinking about a Mac Mini M2 16/256 - I can find a used unit for about that price. But how about PC built from used parts? Would it perform better than Mac? I think like PC is more future-proof because I can upgrade just one part (CPU or add more RAM etc) but also I can sell Mac, add some money and buy newer model (overall more complicated).

Which option will be more the best for me? Had anyone used PC and Mac at similar price and can compare their performance?
Thank you very much!!