Help Ive Got Logo Niggles!!

Hi guys i have designed a logo for a client but need some help with its placement on a website. The logo i have designed works fine on a white background fading away. But when placed on the website header which is grey it seems a bit lost as it has to fade now into grey.

I have thought about adding a lens flare, or a white sphere behind so that i can keep the white fade in place? This where the problem lies, anyone with any advice? The logo becomes lost in the sea of dull greyness.......



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You could make sure it always sits on a white background. Most logos would struggle against that horrible grey. The other thing would be to do a reversed out version - you've made a bit of a rod for your own back with all those gradients though. The only way I can think of doing it would be white text and then an expand stroke type thick white keyline around the globey thing. But I'd insist it goes on white - most corporate ID's include a logo usage section and putting it on a horrible mid grey is usually in the "NEVER do this' category. On black it would work cos you could just make the text white.
What he said. From here it looks 100 times better on the white background.

On the grey, well it reminds me of a website you'd see in 1996.
I would keep it on the white...could you make the text the grey to link it in with the top of the site?

Is it not possible to change the header of the site? Seems an odd way round to do things but I guess you might not have that option? :icon_rolleyes:


Do you have a link to the webiste? - I agree the logo would look better on white background or what not change the font colour to white and use a black background. What does the company do?
Have you tried to make it glow?

I agree with everybody else it would be great to change the clients mind about the gray but if they have their heart set may be you change it to your advantage.

I would try the logo on a white blurred background and will hopefully make the logo look like it's glowing and make their header, stronger.
Forward thinking

The one thing that experience has taught me is ( I know this is obvious) to try and imagine every pitfall that you are liable to come up against with a logo. Will it work reversed, on newsprint, fax header (yes people still use faxes) does it need to be recognised at a distance, how will it work on backgrounds, will it work landscape as well as portrait, how would it work on vehicle livery etc. etc.?

Set yourself rules but don't paint yourself into a corner, be bold but flexible,

...and yes I agree with the white box/background advice.