HELP - Indesign CS3 Auto Page Numbering!


Ok heres my problem.
I am working on a job for a client who (as the job is almost signed off) has asked if I can change the page numbering on the first inner page to start at page 1 not at 2 as is the norm?

I have auto page numbers set up on a master page, so I have then selected the page I want to change the number of and gone to the page pallet and selected the page and number section option. From here I have selected the start page number at page and typed in the number that I want that page to start from but then randomly it seperates the page from the spread?

I never had this problem in CS2 and it is the first time I have been asked to do this in CS3 so any help would be grateful! Why is it that adobe can not seem to leave the good bits alone when they create new versions!?
Sounds like a facing pages issue. Do you have that on? Usually, the first page (no. 1) is a single page to view, with 2-3 onwards as spreads. I think you can shuffle pages about n whatnot if you click options on and off in the pages palette menu - you can always switch off facing pages and put the spreads back together yourself, this will allow you to view page 1-2 as a spread and so forth. Why is it important these are as spreads? Is it what the printer requires? Or is it a diff job (like web or somesuch?)
Thanks artgem

Hmm I'll start at the beginning as it will be easier.

Originally they were all single pages as once printed they are going to be wiro bound but the client has had a great idea (hahah) that he wants to be able to print them out himself (as well as the printed material) so he can make some mini booklets? Yeah I know! The problem I have is that I cant really say no as this is a client that I have recently won and they have a huge marketing budget and in this climate I want to keep them.

So in order to keep him happy I am creating them as spreads, I have spoken to my supplier who has no problems with this and is happy to print them out as such.

I do have facing pages on and I have tried shuffling the pages around when I have selected start page number from, but nothing - it just creates more work.

As for manually putting the spreads back together I think not, each document is between 150 and 200 pages and I have 5 documents. This was never a problem in CS2 so as you can imagine I am really frustrated.
I see - def waaaaay to much to shuffle I think! I see what you mean - I'd be tearing my hair out! I hate using facing pages anyway it drives me bonkers! I'm not sure how to get around this, I'll have a root and see if I can find anything...I'm sure I've had a similar problem before. In the meantime, I hope someone comes along to help :)
Make sure that your master page numbering isn't applied to any pages that will be before 'page 1'. Right, in pages select your spread that you wish to be page 1 to start. In the pages palette menu, make sure 'doc page shuffle and spread shuffle are unchecked. Hopefully, brackets will appear around the page numbers in pages. This means no movement. Then do your numbering and sections start at page one. Should work. If not, post and I'll retrace steps see if I missed any instructions