Help: Illustrator CS4 Setup

You see where it says "LAYERS" to the right on your image, do you see the little double arrows above and to the left of it? Click that, that should open them up.

If this isn't what you mean then I'm not too sure as I don't use Illy often, sorry.
Having not used CS4 I'm not sure.

Normally if I lose something like that I just go to:

WINDOW > select the thing you are looking for


WINDOW > WORKSPACE > BASIC (to reset to default)
WINDOW > WORKSPACE > BASIC (to reset to default)

I was going to say that but they have now removed the default workspace option, you now have 9 different settings depending on what you are doing or what software you are used to working with, for example there is now a "Like InDesign" and "Like Photoshop" setting, maybe try a few of these?
Cheers for the help lads. I haven't found a solution to the problem yet, hopefully someone with CS4 can help me out.
Does Window> workspace> panel not work? I have CS3 and that's how I do it when I inadvertently remove the tool bar.
Cheers for trying to help Helen. I think they've swapped it about in CS4, I don't think they have the toolbar for size of brushes etc at the top anymore. I just went through the different workspace options and none of them change the toolbars at the top.

Might just have to learn how they've redone it, it seems that way.
Still struggling with it.

If anyone has any idea how I could remake the umbrella below into the same grunge style of the font that would be extremely helpful. Otherwise I'll keep trying, guess my way through!

Still struggling with the above. I've told the client I'm quite busy over this week, which I am, so he's not expecting a quick turnaround, but I'm hoping to work out how to do it soon.
illustrator CS4 help

just got the new CS4 package, and it seems to have had the filters removed, so when i try to 'round corners' on a box in effects and look at it in wire view it hasnt rounded the corners! i have tried to look for plug-ins but cant seem to find any! can any one help?

They have different types of brushes, like ink spatter, that's pretty good, or try re-creating the style yourself and drag it into brushes and you can edit it and change it in there?
I can't even use the brushes available in illustrator CS4 now, so creating a new one wouldn't help. Cheers for trying though.